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Tarsal Joint Distractor Intro and Illustration of Features: A short video introduction to the most powerful
surgical instrument for distraction of the joints in the midfoot and rearfoot surgery. 

Tarsal Joint Distractor Surgical Pearls: In this short video you will learn the basics of effective surgical
technique as it relates to the Lapids Bunionectomy, Evans Procedure, and Subtalar Joint fusion using the Tarsal
Joint Distractor.  Simple tips for optimizing your Tarsal Joint Distractor and finishing your fusion cases faster.

Lapidus Pearls Video:  Gaining the exposure you need in order to succeed in the Lapidus bunionectomy.
This short video discusses the Lapidus bunionectomy and demonstrates the simplest and fastest methods to
gain access to the first met-cuneiform joint and prepare the joint for arthrodesis.  By following these simple tips,
you can increase your fusion rate and decrease the risk of nonunion.

Lapidus Bunionectomy: Medial Surgical Approach Technique video.   The Lapidus procedure is most often performed from a dorsal surgical approach when correcting a bunion.  However, sometimes in surgery it is better to perform a medial column fusion from a straight medial approach.  In this video clip from the Surgeons Education Forum in Hershey, PA, we demonstrate and discuss the medial incisional approach for isolated medial column arthrodesis. Podiatry Institute faculty member Dr. Tyson, is sharing his surgical technique and tips with other foot and ankle surgeons and podiatric surgical residents while exposing the joint. The Tarsal Joint Distractor is utilized to facilitate excellent exposure of the articular surfaces.  

Subtalar arthrodesis is often challenging in part because of the difficulty of visualizing and creating
the exposure the surgeon needs to work within the joint. This video clip demonstrates the surgical
technique and pearls that will help you get clear access to the anterior, middle and posterior facets
of the subtalar joint.  This exposure to the articular surfaces can simplify your joint preparation for
hindfoot fusion. The Tarsal Joint Distractor offers unparalleled articular joint space exposure, 
without hindering surgeon access from above.
Calcaneocuboid Joint and Met-Cuboid Joint Distraction: This video provides surgical pearls on exposing
the calcaneo-cuboid joint (C-C joint) and met-cuboid joints (M-C joint) for surgical exploration and repair
of articular surfaces or to facilitate arthrodesis of the C-C joint.
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