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Want to try the Tarsal Joint Distractor? 

Call now and we will arrange a rental period with your surgical facility. 

If you decide to keep the device, the full cost of rental is applied to the facility purchase price.

Ask about our             ACFAS discounts!

 Click on the image above to view a pdf version of the Tarsal Joint Distractor brochure which includes photos and descriptions for using the device.

The Tarsal Joint Distractor is the ideal surgical instrument for any of the following procedures:

  Lapidus Procedure
  Subtalar Joint Fusion
  Talonavicular Arthrodesis (T-N Fusion)
  Calcaneocuboid Arthrodesis (C-C Fusion)
  Triple Arthrodesis
  Lisfranc's Fusion
  Intercuneiform Fusions
  Navicular Fractures
  Distraction Arthrodesis (Bony Block Fusion)
  Evans Procedure
  Tarsal Coalition Resection
  STA-PEG Procedures
  Silver Calcaneal Osteotomy
  Dwyer Lateral Opening Wedge
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Limited Lifetime Warranty
All Orthovation/Tarsal Instruments products carry a limited lifetime guarantee to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

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